• Types of Custom Leather Patches

    leather patches

    There are different types and designs of custom patches. These include nylon and leather. Most designers use leather patches to create unique brands. This is the best and stylish way of enjoying embroidered or traditional woven patches. These patches are durable and easy to clean. They are ideal for both heavy and light garments. This write-up is going to discuss the different types of custom clothing labels or patches and their uses.

    Faux Leather Labels

    This is one of the cost-effective alternatives to real leather. They are well designed and wash-friendly. Additionally, faux labels are highly resistant to color loss and shrinkage. Its designs can be printed, hot stamped and embossed with ease just like real leather.

    Customized Leather Labels for Jackets

    leather jackets

    Most people love custom leather labels over leather jackets, leather tags and other accessories. These patches are either made in traditional tones or vivid colors. High-quality leather labels come in various sizes and shapes. They range from silky smooth suedes to leather designs. They are well designed to please customers.

    Designers use different leather patches as a means of adding a personal touch to their products. Again this is another great way of adding rugged flair to the favorite flight jackets. You can make use of these labels or patches to create perfect designs for different events. Leather products are considered to be more superior than traditional woven patches.

    Custom leather Labels for Hats

    These are unique patches which as used in branding accessories and high-end clothing. This has given people an opportunity of taking inexpensive, generic hats and turning them into more beautiful and pieces. The process of sewing leather labels onto hats is easy. It is a cost-effective way of transforming your basic products into stylish pieces.

    Custom Leather Labels For Jeans


    This is another classic and true combination. Many people prefer wearing sporting jeans that have custom leather labels or patches near the waistline. This is the best way of giving the labels a standout moment. You can also sew these patches on or near your pockets. Ideally, you should place them in strategic places where they can be spotted easily. They should standout on the dining clothing.

    Custom Label for Shoes

    Most of the leather patches are compatible with various types of shoes. You should sew them using a durable fabric like canvas, suede or leather. They have become very popular even in the shoemaking industry.

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