• Tips for Choosing a Perfect Staircase Design

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    Other than offering access to upper levels of a house, a mezzanine or bedroom, a garden area, or sun deck, the staircase also offers a useful feature when it comes to home design. If you are planning to build a new home, you will need a new staircase or Treppenbausatz. Maybe you want to refurbish your home and replace it with the existing stair with an outstanding and functional one. You should follow these tips to choose the right staircase for the home.

    Space Available

    How much space is required for the staircase? It is advisable to look at the space available for stairs. When you consider the space, you can design a functional staircase that can fit perfectly in your home. It is advisable to go for L-shaped and straight staircases if you have a tiny house. There are also elegant spiral staircases for a medium-sized area. On the other hand, you can go for a curved, helical, and U-shape staircases.

    Stair Design Guide

    Considering the amount of space you have, it is advisable to choose different stair layouts and shapes. Ideally, the most popular one is the open staircase shape to suit any given available space and adjust it accordingly.

    Spiral stairs are quite common but confused with helical or curved stairs. These are perfect for small floor areas. In addition, there are different ways spiral staircases are enhanced.

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    Style and Materials

    Other than the design, you need to consider the materials that will provide the final look to the stairs. Ensure you use the recommended materials to build your staircase. You can go for wrought iron, granite, stones, wood, or granite if you want a traditional style. If your house is contemporary or modern, you should go for acrylic materials, glass, and stainless steel. No matter the material you choose, ensure it fits your interior design theme.

    Budget Available

    Depending on the shape, design, and materials you choose for your staircase, your options are available at different prices. Also, the final price is likely to vary. It is advisable to set your budget and find out the stair options and choices you have that are within your budget.

    Building Code and Safety

    There is a need to select the most comfortable and safe staircase for your family. In fact, safety ought to be your most important priority. Remember that when staircases are made, they refer to building requirements. Also, easiness in climbing is concerned, especially for children and elderly people.

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