• What is Surface Dressing and What are Its Benefits?

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    Surface dressing, in simple terms, means treating of roads in ways to prevent their condition from getting worse. These surface treatments are cheaper than the cost of rebuilding, which is why it is preferred by the government authorities and individuals without going over budget. In addition to restoring road conditions, surface dressing also improves a car’s resistance to skidding, helps waterproof the roads, and protect it from damage by water and frost. The road surface dressing contractors help refurbish and construct roads.

    Roads are surface treated in the drier months between April and September as the material needs dry weather to get properly established.

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    What does this process involve?

    First, the road is sprayed with bitumen binder and followed up by spreading around a layer of stone chips. Theseconstruction machinery stone chippings are then pressed hard into the surface using a roller vehicle. Excessive chippings have to be manually removed before cars can pass through the newly treated area.

    If you have to go through a road that has been recently surfacing treated, make sure you do not speed above 20 mph as it may lead to scattering of the stone chippings.

    Benefits of surface dressing

    There are many advantages of surface dressing apart from the ones mentioned above. You will get greater advantages if you hire a private contractor that has experiences with working with private clients.

    • Your parking space or driveway will not only be more durable but scuff resistant as well
    • It is a cost-effective method when you compare it with other alternative solutions
    • You can maximize your car park capacity as a private contractor will give you the freedom to precise layout the available spaces
    • Car park surfaces will provide protection against water damage which is one of the leading causes of asphalt deterioration
    • Stable and smooth roads with greater aesthetic appeal

    Private surface dressing contractors

    construction worker at work If you think that your car park, driveway, or any other area nearby needs surface dressing, then do not hesitate to contact a professional company. Choosing The Surface Dressing Contractors may require some effort on your part because there are many options available, all of which promise to be worth your money. A professional contractor would give you many options to create your desired style, work efficiently, and offer great value for money.

    All you have to do to find a competent surface dressing contractor is to look up a few companies online that are near your area and consult them about prices and your requirements.

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