• Mental Health

    All about world mental health day

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    There are so many different days to mark different occasions all over the world and one day that is globally “celebrated” is mental health day.

    World mental health day falls on October 10th every year and its purpose is to basically help stop the stigma about conditions that so many of us suffer from.

    World mental health day definition raises awareness so that people suffering from mental illness can hold their head up high whatever they are going through.

    • Some facts about mental health

    person running – 1 in 3 adults are going to suffer from some kind of mental health issue during their lifetime whether that be anxiety, depression, bi-polar or a similar condition.

    The likelihood is that you reading this or someone in your immediate family is suffering right now.

    – 1 in 10 children have mental health problems and this number is in fact rising.

    People assume that they are not old enough to have “real” problems but this is not true.

    – Many people do not seek help for their difficulties because they are ashamed but this should NOT be the case.

    Ignoring mental health problems will not make them go away, in fact they usually make them worse.

    • How world mental health day can help

    Nurse It is important to celebrate mental health day because it shows people who are going through a tough time, that they are not alone.

    It also helps to teach people who might be slightly more ignorant about mental health, that it is nothing to be embarrased about. Teaching the world about such issues can only help the mental health cause rather than hinder it.

    Another reason why world mental health day is celebrated is so that various mental health charities can raise money.

    This can help raise funding for therapy, medications, mental health establishments and staff who specialize in mental health all around the world.

    Even if you do not suffer from mental health, I urge you to raise awareness this coming world mental health day.

    Donations to your local mental health charity will of course be appreciated but understanding for the condition is more important than money.

    • Conclusion

    World mental health day definition is significant to so many people young and old.

    Remember if you suffer from mental illness, that although it is a part of you – it does not define who you are as a person.

    Seeking help is really important so that you can overcome your problems and become the happiest person you can be.