• How many high schools are there in New York City

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    It is known that the New York system of public schools ranks as the largest in the entire world.

    This is evident in that more than a million students are estimated to be in class taught in and around New York.

    The school system is governed or managed by the New York City education department on a budget of slightly more than 25 billion USA dollars.

    As a result New York is known to be a hub of many important and instrumental libraries.

    The number of high schools in New York itself is 2,167

    This basically comprises of both public and private schools.

    In this city there are 628 private schools alone and a staggering 1,539 public schools. In terms of enrollment of students New York comes in at number three and on the other hand looking at the number of schools in totality the City comes in as number four.

    If we look at it at an angle of teacher to/student ratio then it will be ranked at number ten.

    high rise buildings in a city Then there is the issue of reduced lunches which is sometimes known as free lunch the city is ranked 29th for the percentages only.

    The department that is entitled with the running of business for the schools is headed by the Chancellor of New York City schools.

    Who does experiments with the education of the area including going from one location to the other in search of revisions of textbooks as well as offering new strategies of teaching.

    The hiring and firing depending on the skills of the staff is done in the NY State and makes educating the children a priority as well as accountability of the achievements of the student’s results.

    There are elective courses in high schools including languages, arts that are liberal for gifted students.

    As we look at schools that have been given charters to run their business ,by 2013 there were like 183 schools that had been legally chartered with seventy thousand students involved in the curriculum in the state.

    In a span of ten years between 2000 and 2010 the enrollment of school students had declined by 121,000 and in exchange the number of teachers grew or increased by around 15000.

    The number of spending by the students in New York was the highest by then and is till date at 16, 000 USA dollars per student .

    Therefore we can gladly say that the number of high schools in New York is approximated at around 2000 plus and comprises of both public and private schools in the City.

    And the number of Public schools is more than the number of private schools understandably so.

    And it is the highest City in terms of number of schools in any given City.

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