archery target and arrows

How to Choose the Best Archery Target

Whether you practice archery for sports, or you are a bow hunter, you will need a target for practice. But with so many different archery types and styles in the market today, finding the right one may not be easy if you do not know what you are looking for. This guide helps you understand more about archery targets and the factors to consider when choosing the best target:

Main Types

Bag Targetsarrow and target

These are the most common and basic types of archery targets. They have a large surface area and can withstand repetitive practice shots. They are filled with synthetic material that stops arrows comfortably and at the same time, makes arrow removal easier. However, they have low weather resistance and heavy weight that makes them a bit difficult to carry around.

Foam Layer Block Targets

These targets are lightweight, portable, durable, efficient, economical and are excellent for use with light bows. Their layered foam stops arrows through friction, which prevents the tips from breaking. Even though broad heads can be used on these targets, field points are much better since they increase the lifespan of your target. Their main disadvantage is that a heavy draw weight can bury arrows quite deep before they are stopped by friction. This means a harder removal process for you.

3D Practice Targets

These targets are designed to prepare you for real life hunting. The are made of foam and come in nearly every shape of animal species to provide you with a fun practice experience. They are also lightweight enough to be set up quickly where you want to practice. Though the foam core wears out with repetitive shots, most 3D targets have replaceable midsections to help prolong their life.

How To Choose The Best Archery Target

When looking for best archery target, here are some important factors to bear in mind when shopping:


Since your archery target will be pierced multiple times with arrows, it should be robust and durable enough to last for a while. Otherwise, you will spend an enormous amount in replacements. However, be careful not buy equipment that is too strong, as your arrows may not be able to pierce through it at all. The density of the target’s material should be comparable to that of a real flesh that you will be going after.

Weather Resistance

person using bow and arrow If you do not want to lug your target back home after every practice, you should ensure that the equipment your buy is weather resistant. Look for an archery target that is well made using high-quality materials. This way, it will be able to resist all weather elements without being damaged or blown away.


Consider choosing an archery target with high contrast colors that are visible clearly from far away since it is a practice equipment. This is a critical consideration, especially during the start of your training.…