Top Tips for Summer Cooking

Whenever outside temperatures are high, it is not a good idea to fire up your oven. The truth is that summer cooking does not have to be difficult. Rather, it can be easy and cool with a little planning and creativity to make yourself nice treats. Sandwiches, salads, and grab-and-go meals are great for summertime activities. The following are some of the tips to make summer cooking easy and less cumbersome.

Plan Ahead

It is advisable to do a lot of prep work during cooler parts of the day. For instance, if the recipe calls for noodles, hard-boiled eggs, or rice, you can fire up your oven or stovetop in the morning. On the other hand, if you are heading to the beach. You can peel and chop vegetables, whip up green salads, and make cold sandwiches before hitting the road.

Keep It Simple

You should note that summertime recipes require nothing other than boiling water. For instance, your tasty dish can have a lot of whole grains and vegetables while minimizing the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. If you need a hot meal, you should go for a recipe that needs minimal heat. For example, a vegetable sauce will take a few minutes to cook.

Take it Outside

As you know, summertime activities are likely to keep you away from the kitchen for several hours. Thus, instead of making kids stay inside as you prep dinner, why not do it outside and involve your kids. Some of the things you can do outside include chop vegetables, peel, wash, and shuck corn. In fact, you can easily cook chickens, stews, or roasts in the portable roaster.

Take Advantage of Small Appliances

It does not matter whether you choose an oven, toaster, rice cooker, slow cooker, or pressure cooker, small appliances can help you cook foods thoroughly. Remember that toaster ovens cool down and get hot fast, unlike traditional ovens. Thus, slow cookers do their magic while you spend your time outdoors. For instance, an Instant Pot or any other multi-cooker can provide a seamless way of cooking vegetables and rice without the need to use the stovetop.

Cool Off with Chilled Soup

Although soups may be great for taking the bite out of the winter chill, cold soups can easily cool down during hot days of summer. For instance, you can try chilled cucumber soup and other varieties of fruits plus veggies. You should note that some recipes require softening the vegetables first.…